Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Our Computer Engineering Graduates will:

  1. Demonstrate technical competence by identifying, formulating, analyzing and solving engineering problems using appropriate engineering tools.[Problem Solving]
  2. Achieve expertise at developing engineering systems by using specialized knowledge of computer engineering and fundamental knowledge of mathematics and science. [Engr System Design]
  3. Be effective communicators in both oral and written language and function effectively on teams. [Communication]
  4. Develop computer engineering solutins within global and societal contexts. [Contemporary Issues]
  5. Engage in life-long learning which includes advanced education/ degrees, professional development activities and/ or other career-appropriate activites.[Work/Grad School]

The student outcomes have been developed such that they are consistent with the program educational objectives. Mapping between the program educational objectives and students outcomes ...  

Involved Program Constituencies
The constituencies of our program involved in assessment of PEOs include the faculty, Industrial Advisory Board (IAB), employers, and alumni.

Constituents Role Tools Results
FACULTY Outcome Assessment Course Reports / Course Feedbacks Outcomes Assessment Results
Curriculum Review Annual Assessment Reports Program Improvements
IAB MEMBERS Review of Program Objectives IAB/Employer Survey IAB/Employer Survey Results
EMPLOYERS Assesment of Employee (UB Graduate) Employer Survey Employer Survey Results
ALUMNI/AE Feedback on attainments of Program objectives Alumni Survey Alumni Survey Results

Objective Evaluation Process

Recent Reviews of Program Educational Objectives

All PEOs were reviewed in 2012 and 2015. Next Objectives Review is scheduled for 2018

Some recent program improvements...
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