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Program Educational Objectives

Our Computer Engineering Graduates will:

  1. Be proficient in defining and solving engineering problems. [Problem Solving]
  2. Achieve expertise at developing engineering systems. [Engr System Design]
  3. Be effective communicators and team players. [Communication]
  4. Appreciate diversity of opinion, understand ethical issues and demonstrate a commitment towards profession. [Contemporary Issues]
  5. Be prepared for lifelong careers and professional growth. [Work/Grad School]

The program outcomes have been developed such that they are consistent with the achievemen of our program objectives. Mapping between the program objectives and program outcomes ...  

Involved Program Constituencies
The constituencies of our program involved in assessment of objectives include the faculty, Industrial Advisory Board (IAB), employers, and alumni.

Constituents Role Tools Success Criteria Results
Faculty Outcome Assessment Course Reports/Course Feedbacks Outcome Assessment Results
Curriculum Review Annual Assessment Reports
Program Improvements

IAB Review of Program Objectives IAB/Employer Survey IAB/Employer Survey Rubrics IAB/Employer Survey Results

Employers Employee (UB Graduate) Assessment Employer Survey Employer Survey Rubrics Employer Survey Results

Alumni Feedback on attainments of Program objectives Alumni Survey Alumni Survey Rubrics Alumni Survey Results

Objective Evaluation Process

Recent Program Objectives Assessment Results

All program objectives were reported to be successfully met as per both 2008-2009 and 2006-2007 reviews.

Some Recent Program Improvements
Short name descriptors for objectives to facilitate discussions. 2006-2007
New format for course reports. 2006-2007
Introduction of IAB/Employer survey.
Surveys updated and mappings revisited. 2006-2007
New improved website component. 2008-2009
Online Survey Portal 2008-2009
Introduction of Course Feedback Form 2008-2009
Program Objectives rephrased to be broader statements. 2009-2010
Next Objectives Review scheduled for 2012

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